Same Day Smiles

Same Day Smiles

Same Day Smiles

What is Same Day Smiles treatment?

Treatment with our same day smiles process is a great way to have a permanent restoration placed without needing to come in for multiple appointments. Same-day restorations are just as durable as lab-made restorations, but they eliminate the need for a second visit. With our same day smiles treatment, you will have a beautiful smile for years to come.

Why may Same Day Smiles treatment be needed?

You may be interested in same day smile treatment if you desire to replace one or more teeth, but do not want the hassle of coming in for multiple appointments. With same day smiles, you can replace cracked, missing, or misshapen teeth efficiently, without having to wait for a lab to create your restoration.

Who is a good candidate for Same Day Smiles?

Most patients are good candidates for same day smiles. We will examine your teeth to determine if a restoration would be beneficial to the function and appearance of your smile. If so, we can digitally scan the area where the restoration will be placed and create it in the office in a short period of time. You will leave the office with a strong, long-lasting restoration.

What to expect during Same Day Smiles treatment?

We begin by numbing the area of your mouth receiving the restoration. This is done by using a safe local anesthetic. We then file down the tooth to prepare the area for the new restoration. We take digital impressions of your teeth and surrounding gum tissue. These digital impressions are put into our CEREC machine. The machine creates a permanent restoration for you while you wait in the office. It is then placed, adjusted to improve its fit. Once this process is complete, you’ll leave the office with a complete and long-lasting restoration.

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