Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Cosmetic Gum Treatment

Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth D.D.S., M.S. is certified to perform the Pinhole® Surgical Technique in Rochester, NY

Cosmetic Gum Treatment

What is Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

If you have a gummy smile, you know how difficult it can be to feel confident in the way that you look. Fortunately, a simple and common oral surgery can help to enhance your smile and expose more surface of your teeth. This procedure is known as crown lengthening, or Cosmetic Gum Treatment. It involves removing excess gum tissue from around the teeth, contouring the way that the teeth look and revealing more tooth surface.

Why is Cosmetic Gum Treatment needed?

Cosmetic Gum Treatment is specifically done as a cosmetic procedure. This surgery helps to expose more of your front teeth, which creates a larger, brighter and more natural-looking smile. The procedure can be done on both pediatric as well as adult patients as needed. With your newfound confidence, you'll find that you smile more often and are more willing to talk to people.

Who is a candidate for Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

We can help in determining if you might need Cosmetic Gum Treatment with an exam. Most patients who want to transform their smiles are good candidates for the procedure. Because the procedure is done quickly and easily right here in our office, you can feel confident in having it performed. Children, teens and adults can all benefit from Cosmetic Gum Treatment when it is needed.

What happens during Cosmetic Gum Treatment?

The first step to performing a crown lengthening surgery is to numb the mouth in the area where the work is being done. We then remove the excess gum tissue from around the teeth. The gums are contoured to create a natural look. You will then be given aftercare instructions to help keep the area clean and healthy while it heals. Your gums will then heal naturally over the course of the next few weeks and you'll have a beautifully bright smile to show off as a result. Cosmetic Gum Treatment is an easy, quick and beneficial procedure that can enhance your confidence.

If you have a gummy smile and would like to learn more about our treatment options, contact us now and we can help to answer all of your questions.

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